Kalithial Thendiorn is a half-elf ranger native to the land of Thist'kael. He has dreamy purple eyes and brown hair, and is very skilled in his craft. He is commonly known as dabes in his friend circles, which being a ranger, usually amounts to zero. Except for his sister, who will occasionally tag along for adventures in this crazy land.


Raised by some jerks

Post-Grunge PhaseEdit

After leaving the band Pearl Jam, Kalithial was a little lost in his life. So he decided to give up music for awhile picked back up his ranger life again in his home land. He had enough warp juice for one trip back to Thist'kael, and so he decided that his jaunt on this land some called Earth would come to an end. After the journey in the Carl Sagan Heavenly Body Transporter ®, he joined with his sister in their ongoing hunt for the murderer of their father.