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Cool tats and hair

A Half Elf Druid native to the land of Thist'Kael. Standing at 5'4, Caewiel has purple eyes, bronze skin, and hair 
of gold like her Elven father. As a chaotic neutral character she sets her own moral compass, often reckless and fearless decision making. She is not the most charismatic of characters due to her social anxiety, but she makes up for it by being one of the strongest around.


Caewiel's battle pose

Origin Edit

Caewiel grew up in a small trading village with her brother Kalithial. She was very close to her Elvan father, before he went to fight the great dragon along side their human mother. Their mother survived but Mr. Thendiorn parrished in the fight. Since that day, she has a vendetta against all dragons. 

Gertie JohnsonEdit


Gertie Johnson

A Parasaurolopus with a heart of gold. A great fighter and a sweet sweet gal.


She speaks four launguages